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Well...clearly I have not updated in awhile. So much has changed. AB and I moved out and got an apartment. The thing I thought would never happen, happened. She left Stacey. But the relationship became toxic. It was bad news. Stacey freaked out one day, and I decided I was done. I will not be bullied in my own home. I will not worry about coming home at night and who will be there. So now I don't.

Our apartment is cute and cozy. And yeah, LaToya comes over, and boys come over, and we have a great time. There's no stress. AB is a great roommate!

I'm so much happier.I am enjoying nannying. Anna is a great kid. Laura and Greg are super nice to me. They seem to actually enjoy my being there. I make them dinner every night, and it's so nice to have people appreciate my food again.


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