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Get me out
I want to move so badly. I'm so tired of living there. I realize it's a choice I made, and I should be grateful to have a friend that would take me in (even though I'm paying a lot of money for a tiny room)

I just feel like I"m not myself. I have no independence, but at the same time I'm not really part of the family.

I went for a walk on Wednesday night. Walked up to the high school where Kyle's daughter has soccer practice. It was crazy-cold but I enjoyed spending some unexpected time with him. We didn't do anything noteworthy, but we walked and talked and watched them have a scrimmage. I really enjoyed it. On my walk home the love songs made me think of him, and I just feel good. I still think this could really go somewhere special.

Not one single day goes by that we don't talk to each other. And even when I was an idiot and spazzed out on him, he's never brought it up again. He's never used it against me, he's never made me feel less because I have feelings. And I really like that about him. I like his even keel. He's a little quiet about his feelings, unless he's been drinking haha. But it's ok, because I know how he feels by his actions. To be told "I don't introduce anyone to my daughter until after 6 months" and then to meet her after just 3, I feel pretty special. And to have met his parents. just introduce him to my family...

This new job is so boring. I literally leave voicemails all day long. What the F was I thinking????? UGH. I don't want to go back to anything I've done before, but this isn't anything like what they described it to be :(

Hang in there michelle. Don't give up!


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