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New things, so many new things.

Where to start. The living situation? Living in a tiny little bedroom sucks. It really fucking sucks.

Kyle? Kyle is great! I met his daughter a few weeks ago, and his parents this weekend and I'm really just loving spending time with him. He made dinner on Sunday for his parents and I and it was DELICIOUS! He can cook for me anytime haha. We went out on friday and had so much fun. I can't wait to see where this goes. It's been since the beginning of September, and going so well that I'm hoping it keeps heading in that direction. I like him more everytime I see him. Every single time I like him more. It's a great feeling!

New job is one week old. It's boring, but the pay is good. Fuck the bux. haha. That's another story, that wounded me deeply and I don't want to really put any more life into it. I'll just say that my dreams of a long lived career at starbucks are finally crushed. Finished. That relationship is over.

So here I am at datasphere. The position is boring, but it's a company with opportunity, and the pay is much better.

I am meeting with a woman tomorrow to be a part time after school nanny for her daughter (8) I'm actually really excited about this! It could be the extra bump in income and something to keep me busy that I've been looking for. I need this.

I worked at target for all of two weeks. I will never make a mistake like that again. I'm out of retail, another relationship that's over haha.

Longest 4 hours....the systems are down at DS and I have absolutely nothing to do. Literally nothing.

I really am excited about the changes that have happened in the last few weeks. I think things are on a good path, finally.


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