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What a great weekend
Thursday evening I drove up to Everett to see Travis and stayed the night over there. We had fun, and talked a lot. It's still so odd to sleep in his bed. Getting used to new noises.

Of course we stayed up until like 2a.m. and I had to leave around 5:30 to miss traffic coming back home. But I was back by 6, and took a nap. But I was still a wreck all day.

I was supposed to have a date with this guy Kevin on Friday, but I stood him up. His pictures, he looks so much like John, I just couldn't do it. What I first found very attractive, started to creep me out. So after work on Friday I ended up meeting AB and her friend Danielle at yard house. They'd been drinking since 2 haha and I didn't get there until 5:30. We had beer, and shots and then Danielle had to leave around 8 because she worked in the morning. AB and I were walking her to the bus, and we walked right past Ally's new place. I texted her, and sure enough she was home! So AB and I went up on her rooftop deck, and got totally jealous of her new apartment with it's amazing view of the city!

Around 10:30-11 ish we decided it was time to head home. I rode the bus with her up to Lynnwood, and we kept drinking and talking until like 1:30. We have so much fun just sitting and BSing. Of course Stacey got mad at us, but I'm not really sure that much can be done about that.

We woke up and played some MarioKart with Oceanna, which was fun. Then I rode the bus home, all to turn around and ride the bus back to Queen Anne for Kristin's bachelorette party. IT WAS SO FUN. We went to dinner at Crow, which was delish! Then to the piano bar where we had drinks, and there was this incredibly attractive piano player that every girl in the bar was in love with haha. Then we went to Ozzie's, which was a trip because I haven't been there since I was there with John. UGH! It was fun though, we played pull tabs, watched a little karaoke. Then we had some dick's and went back to the hotel room to pass out. It was awesome because it was fun, but not crazy. No drunk-black-outs. No drama, no need to worry about anyone. It was super easy, and we made it back to the hotel by like 12:30. Kristin and I woke up and had the disgusting continental breakfast, and I rode the bus back home.

Now I"m just sitting here while grandma works on packing up some books in the little bedroom. It's kind of funny that she doesn't think everything in there is hers. LIke I"m trying to pull one over on her, and it's really mine. haha

I talked to Troy on the phone, and he has his tax return, so we are all set to start looking for a place as soon as I get back up north. I know grandma doesn't want me to leave, but I have to get out of here. I'm suffocating.


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